Peter Vessenes – Bitcoin Foundation

Peter Vessenes founded the Bitcoin Foundation.

Peter’s newest enterprise, CoinLab, extracts and exchanges computer power from gamers and other consumers for Bitcoins and is planning a Bitcoin exchange in the USA. A serial entrepreneur, Peter has founded startups, created an international development corporation in Africa, worked in top executive positions and as a business analyst, and served as a board member for tech companies.

A protocol for online money: CoinLab’s Peter Vessenes on Bitcoin’s future

Video – Big Next Step for Bitcoin: Meeting the Regulators.

Video – Peter Vessenes discussing Bitcoin trading volatility.

His thread on Reddit announcing the Bitcoin Foundation.

Can the Bitcoin Foundation build legitimacy for an outlaw currency?

CoinLab Attracts $500,000 in Venture Capital for Bitcoin Projects.


Peter Vessenes Discussing his Comany ProfitSee

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