Bitcoin Haters

Some people dislike Bitcoin and believe it is a scam, ridiculous, or generally a waste of time. The strongest faction that dislikes Bitcoin are those involved with a variety of investment vehicles. Here are a few videos of some of the more vocal detractors.







Mike Caldwell – Physical Bitcoins

Mike Caldwell is the creator of Casascius Bitcoins, the first and most widely-known series of physical stored-value coins that hold real Bitcoins inside. He also has free software that can be used to create a 2-factor Bitcoin key (This is where 2 keys are needed to unlock the bitcoins from it’s wallet).


2012-04-12 BBC […]

Yifu Guo – Avalon Miners

Yifu Guo operates Avalon ASICs.




Inside the race to build the world’s fastest Bitcoin miner

Engineering the Bitcoin Gold Rush: An Interview with Yifu Guo, Creator of the First Purpose-Built Miner

Winklevoss Twins

The Winklevoss Twins claim to control 1% in Bitcoin and they are investing in Bitcoin companies.

With $1.5M Led By Winklevoss Capital, BitInstant Aims To Be The Go-To Site To Buy And Sell Bitcoins

Never Mind Facebook; Winklevoss Twins Rule in Digital Money




Erik Vorhees –

Erik Vorhees operates This is a gambling site that is essentially a high/low game. This site is very controversial not only due to the fact that it was the first large Bitcoin gambling site, but it has also been accused of disrupting the Bitcoin network. The way the site used to work was a […]

Tony Gallippi – Bitpay

Tony Gallippi is a founding member of Bitpay which is a payment processor similar to Paypal. Bitpay will supply a shopping cart that automatically coverts the price into bitcoins. The buyer has a 15-minute window to pay because the exchange rate fluctuates. The funds are then (optionally) deposited into the merchant’s bank account in their […]

Charlie Shrem – BitInstant

Charlie Shrem operates, is a member of the Bitcoin Foundation, and is a partner in a nightclub, EVR, in New York City that accepts bitcoins.

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The New York bar that takes Bitcoins.

Inside the Bitcoin Bubble: A Q&A With BitInstant’s Stressed-Out CEO

Charlie Shrem Interview – November 2012



Dan Kaminsky – Professional Hacker

Dan Kaminsky is a professional hacker who is looking into Bitcoin. While he identifies possible issues with Bitcoin, the statements he makes often amount to hyperbole and often makes statements without any data to back up the claims.

Dan Kaminsky presentation – Some Thoughts on Bitcoin

Let’s Cut Through the Bitcoin Hype: A Hacker-Entrepreneur’s Take


Gavin Andresen – Bitcoin Developer

Who’s Building Bitcoin? An Inside Look at Bitcoin’s Open Source Development

Video – Gavin Andresen, Bitcoin Architect: Meet The Man Bringing You Bitcoin (And Getting Paid In It)

Bitcoin vs. ben Bernacke: The chief scientist for the digital currency talks about its appeal—and pitfalls—in a world of fiat money.

Current news about Gavin Andresen


Peter Vessenes – Bitcoin Foundation

Peter Vessenes founded the Bitcoin Foundation.

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Tweets by @vessenes //

Peter’s newest enterprise, CoinLab, extracts and exchanges computer power from gamers and other consumers for Bitcoins and is planning a Bitcoin exchange in the USA. A serial entrepreneur, Peter has founded startups, created an international development corporation in Africa, […]

Roger Ver –

Roger Ver is one of the Founding members of the Bitcoin Foundation and is sometimes called “Bitcoin Jesus.” He is known in the Bitcoin community for operating Memory Dealers and for a number of efforts marketing Bitcoin including a billboard and a radio ad, has announced that he is starting a new Bitcoin business: an […]

Jon Matonis – Bitcoin Foundation

Jon Matonis is an e-Money researcher and crypto economist focused on expanding the circulation of nonpolitical digital currencies.

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His career has included senior influential posts at Sumitomo Bank, VISA, VeriSign, and Hushmail. Currently, He serves on the Board of Directors for the Bitcoin Foundation, is Tech Contributor to Forbes Magazine, […]